Weight Loss Motivation

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Weight Loss Motivation: Don’t Let It Dictate Your Success
Posted by Elizabeth Renter on October 8, 2008

Motivation and will power are huge words in the diet and fitness industries. Many people who fail at diets claim that they couldn’t keep their motivation high or that their will power is less than great. The simple fact is, we give too much power to these intangible feelings rather than holding ourselves totally responsible for our successes. While these issues plague even fitness experts and athletes, they are in no way a legitimate excuse for diet and weight loss failure.

You cannot honestly think that professional runners wake up every morning wanting to run: they don’t. Similarly I guarantee most fitness competitors would like to train less than they actually do. Professional athletes wake up on big training days and would rather stay in bed. Just like you and I, they battle with motivation. The difference is they have made their fitness and training a lifestyle. Weight loss motivation and will power should be approached in the same manner, with a professional mindset.

There is no doubt that we are all plagued by less than great motivation in many aspects of our lives. But, on days when we don’t want to go to work, for instance, we can’t just stay in the bed. Let’s be honest, if we did that the majority of us wouldn’t keep our jobs. Weight loss motivation is elusive and makes sporadic appearances in our day to day living. The key is to act without motivation, to act before our mind convinces us otherwise.

If we all allowed motivation to dictate our weight loss success or failure we would never succeed. When faced with lack of motivation the idea is to carry on. Giving this lack of weight loss motivation any amount of attention will only increase the devil on your shoulder who is scheming to throw your fitness and weight loss efforts off track. Once you truly make a decision to lose weight or get healthy, motivation is optional. The next time you are faced with zero motivation but conflicting plans to exercise, see what happens when you go forth without the motivation. The workout might not be as easy but I guarantee it will be as, if not even more rewarding.

That’s not to say weight loss motivation is never there. On days it decides to show up you will likely have the best workouts and feel the best about your appearance and progress. Overall, however, the more you push through when the weight loss motivation is lacking, the easier it will get and the more that motivation will decide to join the party.